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Introduction to IPSE: An IPFS Search Engine That is Fast and Efficient

   Lui  |   2019-07-12

What is IPSE

IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine) is a new search engine based on the IPFS. IPSE helps us to quickly retrieve files on the IPFS network and find the data we need. IPFS (Interplanetary File System) is a distributed hypermedia transport protocol that will replace HTTP and build the next generation of Internet from underlying infrastructure. IPSE will provide search services and be the traffic portal for it.


Starting Point

Efficiently and quickly search data on IPFS.

The Problems of Regular Search Engines

▲ Unclear data ownership.

▲ User privacy issues.

▲ Advertising tracking and bad induction.

▲ Over-reliance on advertising.

▲ Advertiser interests are not guaranteed.

▲ False information.

▲ Centralized, monopoly.

What Is IPSE Working On?

1. Make data ownership clear.

2. Protects user data with asymmetric encryption technology, and the user obtains signature authorization.

3. Data shared by users and machines can be motivated by Token.

4. Users can search for, donate and pay for data, and use Token value to vote against false information.

5. Based on the search-based decentralized advertising market, the evaluation system of advertising quality is low, and high-quality advertising has low fees. Smart contracts eliminate artificially untrustworthy factors and allow machines to trade in the marketplace.

6. Copyright protection, asymmetric encryption makes copyright protection very easy to operate and implement, and copyright distribution based on search engine traffic portal can also benefit both parties.

7. For the Customer side of the currency content and copyright content, users can use Token to obtain high-quality content in the long-tail price range.

8. For the Business side in storage market, the underlying distributed storage pool can be connected to a large number of storage demand side.

9. The user generates data together with his own machine (mobile device, robot, camera, AI assistant, etc.) to obtain the Token incentive of IPSE.

What is relationship between IPFS and IPSE

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol, being the underlying infrastructure of distributed Web to make the web faster, more open and more robust. Filecoin is the official incentive layer built on IPFS, addressing data security and storage and user engagement incentives. IPSE is the application retrieval layer of IPFS, allowing users to quickly search data on IPFS, motivating users to create and share.


How to search on IPSE? Easy start

You can visit ipse.io and try it now. Type in the keywords, press the “Enter” on your keyboard or just hit the search icon, then search whatever you want.

Right now there are several tabs helping content present straightforward. such as video, image, audio, package, dir and html, etc..


And please do not forget to switch language when needed ,IPSE supports multiple languages both in UI and on search.

Upload files to IPFS, adding tags and get rewarded

IPSE token is called POST.

First thing first, why do we need token? The easy answer is that we want to make more money. In other words, the mining progress is just a place to get income, and produces a deeply real-life digitizing experience. Needless to say, we can’t get help if the platform is a prototype, so it is best if engineers develop the tools and applications necessary to be truly helpful to users in a Blockchain system. IPSE team believe that the token system is helpful and can make the platform more incentive, offering benefits to users.

Secondly, with the help of IPSE token(POST),users can do more to build a better internet.

But more important thing is that you can upload files “through” IPSE, add your own tags to the hash.


Reader makes it relatively easy to organize search results by creating tags which show up in the result column, similar to Google search results titles.

There are two advantages:

1.Read the title(tags),get the result(hash).Many of the tags available in IPSE make it a natural choice to access the IPFS file hash. You don’t have to remember a load of strings of hash, you just need the simple tags to help to know what the hash stands for.

2.Using understandable, simple and specific tags leads to a efficient data transmission and a significantly faster retrieval time.

As the number of files in the IPFS(Filecoin) network grows, the hash addresses will grow more and retrieval time will increase.At the time, IPSE tags make it easy to search faster and find the data more efficiently. You would be surprised by how much you enjoy the process of labeling hash with name tags.

The process of taking action to upload files to IPFS network and must add tags to the hash will in turn inspire you to look for the useful stuff and make it safe. IPSE also focus on UGC. What IPSE is trying to do with Token is to inspire users to create quality content and share with others. You can be motivate and get token income. Great content can serve this purpose as much as providing useful tools. In the future, IPSE token, POST will be tradable on exchanges, that will ensure the long term benefits to everyone. The effect of Token ecosystem into profitable new opportunity for the distributed network.


Using that set as a starting point, IPSE team is trying to make the economic ecosystem viable and both investors and individuals.

The Problem of IPSE

There are various types of problems we do not want to see but have to confront. It is not just a challenge to IPSE, but also to IPFS (more specifically, Filecoin) when it comes to inappropriate data.

What would happen if IPFS is filled with garbage data or spamming content? What is the impact of waste data on the performance and operational costs of Filecoin system? Can we benefit from a non-secure Internet? There’s no denying that live in a safe environment is the key of a better life. Unfortunately, there are a few problems:

1.Spamming Content

Junk content that not useful and helpful ;Nonsense tags.

2. Illegal Content

Drugs, Pornography, Gambling. etc..

3.Copyrighted content

Illegally obtained copyrighted content is not tolerated, no matter what is.

IPSE is protecting you, making a better search for new internet

IPFS has a collateral mechanism that maintain the cost of uploading or retrieving data, which means you have to pay for it. It reduces the the number of times people deliver the inappropriate data and ensures DSN being safe and healthy. But the collateral is not required while mining on IPSE.

IPSE, as an IPFS search engine, has become a significant application for IPFS and Blockchain, stands on an unrespectable place in distributed system. While collateral not strictly necessary, it would be helpful to verify that the IPSE protection mechanisms and detection algorithm really are fully integrated with Blockchain technology and encryption technology.

In terms of spamming or unlawful content, IPSE has come up with an algorithm that prohibit the approval of all the content. If you try to upload the same file or junk content multiple times, you might be on blacklist. Remarkably, IPSE team has been developing the anti-cheat system to protect the network.

However, the system structure distributed in database is always the focus of Blockhain3.0 and the problem that IPSE team must face. IPSE has to make a way to protect the interest of copyright owners. But right now the IPSE copyright protection system is far from ownership protection of a relational database being implemented. Finally, IPSE copyright protection is needed partly to cover the costs of creating and distributing works in physical form. By making a new way to ensure great content produced by IPSE originals, UGC drives traffic to IPSE website, more importantly makes IPFS resources more rich and safe.

With IPFS and the distributed technology, a new and better Internet is coming. And IPSE brings a new approach to Internet search by providing a safer, richer, easier, and more efficient search experience. We don’t know the entire situation in the future, but we do know it’s gonna be a better future.




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