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IPSE Mining Tutorial: Add Hash Tags to Get Token Reward

   Lui  |   2019-07-12


This brief tutorial will teach you how to mine and explain the various settings so that you can use your own computer or machines that work .


Step 1: Download IPFS desktop and install it on your computer. And keep the IPFS running ,check the IPFS status and make sure you are connected to IPFS network.


Step 2: Download Scatter and install it. Then open scatter and import your EOS private keys to Scatter. Scatter is your wallet at this point.


Step 3: Visit https://ipse.io on your computer, and signin, your EOS account will be linked to IPSE through scatter .Once finished, navigate to the upper right section of the page, you can see the EOS wallet name. Then click “Label”(https://ipse.io/en/create), start to upload files, and set the accurate Tags to the Hash address of the file and submit. The mining is complete, You will get the POST in your EOS wallet later.

You can view our online help and a detailed tutorial by visiting the official IPSE project website:

IPSE mining tutorial · IPSE tutorial


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