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Introducing Hashlink: Transform IPFS Hash to Simple Title

   Lui  |   2019-07-15



In the history of mankind, there have been many transformations that have changed the direction of information technology.

•The first is Language.As one of the most essential forms of communication,

Language becomes the most basic human activity, which is also the most direct means of communication.

•The second is the widespread use of Binary. Binary is a huge advancement in electronic information technology, allowing machines to process all kinds of data with two numbers: 0 and 1.The binary has made today's computers simple and smart to use.


What is next?


Complex Blockchain hash

The hash becomes the core of Blockchain just as the binary nature given to computers.Blockchain has created a decentralized trusted network. Hash function becomes a solution for data deconstruction. The data is transformed and the integrity of the data can be verified by a hash value.Hash is also used for fast lookup and encryption algorithms for data. The hash value is like a unique fingerprint.What happens when you add files to IPFS? Each file is given a unique fingerprint called a cryptographic hash,you can find the file by this unique hash.It makes IPFS a content-addressable system.


However,there are also problems with hash.Are we talking about the hash collision attack or digital signature algorithms? In fact,We focus more about the search method for IPFS systems integration based on data efficiency.


For example,do you know what's the hash address below:



Can your friend know what it is when he received this hash address? Even a software engineer sees a new hash address, he barely knows what it represents.

● Hash address is too long.

● Humans can not remember all of the hash address.

● New hash address appears every day.


According to Miller's law,the number of objects an average human can hold in short-term memory is 7 ± 2. Which means it could only hold 5-9 chunks of information where a chunk is any meaningful unit. A chunk could refer to digits, words, chess positions, or people’s faces.Hash is no exception.Almost every hash address has 40+ characters(the hash above is 47).

Less is More,Simple is Better

The process of human memory is thought to be similar to computer.There are access to information, as well as data storage and indexing.We create the computer,but we can not compete with computer on data processing,no matter what the circumstances.Why did humans start a language? Why did developers decide to let computers use binary? why do  Protocol Labs create IPFS as a content-addressable system?


● They are simple and innovative design.(Simple doesn't mean Easy)

● More easy to communicate and approach.


Just like the image memory is far better than symbolic memory.A hash with semantical label is better than a naked.


The Transform: Let the Hash Rise Again

In order to achieve the transformation for all of hash, IPSE has created the Hashlink,a solution based on distributed data storage and processing structure.Its goal is to eliminate the cost of information acquisition, reduce the burden of human memory, and transform complex hash address strings into concrete tiles that can be reached directly.

IPSE is a search engine built on IPFS and Blockchain technology.Through the Hashlink of IPSE, the long and hard-to-remember hash address is transformed into an easy-to-understand text title, which allows the massive hash in the Blockchain world to connect with the recognizable and memorable text for users.


At present, 5 Billion files are uploaded to IPFS network,and the data grows rapidly. How to search and retrieve the data quickly and efficiently becomes a huge challenge. IPSE undertakes the task of the search layer(It is unofficial), helps users to quickly search for files on the IPFS, and uses Hashlink to directly indentify what the file is. The search results will be displayed directly at the front end of IPSE website. Users can not only see the hash address but also the transformed text title.


Hashlink Techs:

Hashlink is a key part of the IPSE Consensus and PDP(Provable Data Possession). Through the IPSE Consensus algorithm, the storage miner receives the task, uploads the file to the network through the local IPFS node. After completing the task, the miner need to report the mining results,including minerid, taskid, filesize, category,tag and other parameters. The tag parameter associated with the hash address is derived from the hashlink.



When encountering the need to challenge a data slice, the storage miner needs to perform a data-holding PDP certificate for the sectors involved in these data slices and submit these proof sets. Then index the hashlink and then update the status of the delivered task. In the PDP, the storage miner calculates a proof based on the challenged block content, tag information, challenge information, and a random number generated by itself. Which is used to check if the data is actually stored. Hashlink is an inseparable key part of the consensus process and PDP.



However, IPSE's Hashlink has also encountered challenges: First, the Blockchain network has many data types, and not every hash will be transformed; The second is that the the hash text title is not perfect(inaccurate,irrelevant,hostile. etc.)


The IPSE hashlink fix eyes on the transformation of hash,the appearance of IPFS hepermedia and internet technology.With the development of the IPFS protocol and Blockchain,The transformation of hash content is becoming a very important implementation.




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