IPSE Weekly 1

   Lui  |   2019-09-19

Welcome to the IPSE Weekly.

IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine) is a distributed search engine based on IPFS. IPSE helps users to quickly search files on the IPFS network and find the data they need. At the same time, anyone can add hash tags for files on the network to get token reward.The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a revolutionary hypermedia distribution protocol that will replace HTTP and build the next generation of Internet from infrastructure. IPSE aims to provide safe and fast services and be the traffic portal for the next generation of the Internet,web 3.0.

Since the development of distributed technology and decentralized blockchain ecology is a large scope, we deliver the weekly digest by tracking the entire ecosystems.


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The following are the highlight of this episode of IPSE Weekly.


1.The latest

IPSE Hosting the First City Meetup in China

On 17 September, the fist IPSE City Meetup was held in Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen, China. The founder and CEO Silver Xie attended the event and gave a speech. He also interacted with the developers and community members.

In the future, more meetups could be expected. Please follow us on Twitter to get the notifications.


New version of IPSE Desktop brings exciting features

The IPSE Desktop has been updated to v0.9.2, and the Mac,Windows and Linux platforms are updated synchronously. It fixes some bugs and improves many existing features.

●The accelerator for 'Take Screenshot' on macOS is now Command+Control+S

●The accelerator for 'Download Hash' on macOS is now Command+Control+H

Download IPSE Desktophttps://github.com/IPSE-TEAM/ipse-desktop


Improvement of UI of official website of IPSE project

The new version of the official website UI has become more beautiful! You can check it out ipfssearch.io .

● UI is redesigned, adding dynamic effects and smooth design.

● Add more detailed introduction to how mining works.

● New explanations for commercial application scenarios.

● Add a media coverage section to the homepage.

3.IPSE Vision

Do you follow IPSE on Twitter? For the latest news and announcements of IPSE,please check our Twitter (@ipfssearch)feed or see the latest articles on Blog blog.ipse.io.

Video: What is decentralized storage? Why is a blockchain distributed storage network important? 17 Sep 2019

Dedicated IPFS Networks,Scaling Through Network Specialization. Matt Ober, Pinta.12 Sep 2019

Polkadot cross-chain technology architecture analysis:Combined with IPFS distributed and bring a new revolutionary blockchain system. CSDN,17 Sep 2019

IPSE Desktop function analysis:Quickly upload files to IPFS with efficient global node management. Nuggets,07 Aug 2019


4.IPFS Ecosystem

The IPFS Explainer v0.1 is now public:Best place to learn how IPFS works.

Do you want to know how IPFS works? After much hard work by the IPFS Documentation Team, the A v0.1 explainer on how the IPFS content-addressed, peer-to-peer network works is finally here. Check it out here!

5.Media Covers

Deep Chain Finance: IPSE Leads Distributed Search of the Web 3.0 Era. 2019-09-17

Mars Finance: Distributed Search is the future! The Firs IPSE City Meetup is being held in Shenzhen,China. 2019-09-17

CoinON: The Firs IPSE City Meetup is being held in Shenzhen,China. 2019-09-17

Btcmoney: Leading the Distributed Search! The Firs IPSE City Meetup is being held in Shenzhen,China. 2019-09-17

Hupoochain: Breaking the problem of insufficient trust: IPSE,a distributed search engine,builds a new equity exchange channel. 2019-09-09

Qishcj: Fixing the trust issues,IPSE builds a new equity exchange channel. 2019-09-09

6.Community Overview

17 September 2019: The founder and CEO of IPSE,Silver Xie and The chief data expert Larry Liu attended the IPSE City Meetup in Shenzhen,China. Silver Xie shares the thoughts and interacts with community members. The meetup was supported by several blockchain medias.

7 September 2019: Silver Xie, founder and CEO of IPSE, was invited to the "2019 Financial Technology ABCD Summit" in Beijing, giving a speech on the theme of "Building a Better Consensus and Making Project Equity Exchange Channel".

7.Coming up

Preview: The Second IPSE City Meetup will be held in Chengdu,China, on 21 September.The founder and CEO of IPSE will attend. Address: WORK+ Joint Office, 17th Floor, Building 10, Tianfu New Valley, High-tech Zone, Chengdu,Sichuan,China

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