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Recapping IPSE 2019, Welcome 2020

   Lui  |   2019-12-31

Building the Web3.0! We are very excited to be part of it and have created the safe search engine with distributed technology.IPSE (InterPlanetary Search Engine) makes the the search  for the IPFS network more convenient and efficient.In 2019,We put a lot of efforts to improve the distributed search solution, and for this we reviewed each milestone we went through. As you can see, IPSE search has been launched globally, creating a distributed network traffic entrance for us. This year, IPSE has made a lot of progress in updating,application,ecology,etc., and also adopted next-generation technology for improvement. Next, the application of IPSE 2.0 with cross-chain technology will be worth expecting.


Thank you for being part of the community, all efforts are worth remembering,let us witness the next generation of Internet together with the help of IPFS protocol and blockchain technology.

Starting in 2018

●Develop distributed storage and distributed search, the IPSE search pre-release version released.


March 2019

●The official version of IPSE search is launched globally.


April 2019

●IPSE is featured on the official IPFS Weekly 39.

IPSE was invited to participate in the Singapore Global Blockchain Investment Summit, Silver Xie delivered a speech as the founder and CEO of IPSE.


May 2019

●IPSE global storage mining starts.


June 2019

●IPSE launches on three popular blockchain wallets: Tokenpocket, Scatter and mathwallet.


July 2019

●IPSE was invited to attend the Global Blockchain Investment Summit(GBIS ) in Indonesia. IPSE also participated in the exhibition. The founder and CEO of IPSE,Silver Xie,gave a speech.

Released IPSE Technical Paper.

The IPSE official blog launched.

●IPSE is on Bitcoinwiki.

●IPSE Launched on global Dapp ecological platforms: DappReview,Dapp.com, Stateofthedapps,Topdapp and Ratingdapp.

● China's well-known blockchain media Gyro Finance creates the IPSE page.


August 2019

Released the IPSE Desktop(as a node client based on IPFS Desktop).

● IPSE launched on dapponline,DappRadar and Dappx.

The founder and CEO of Protocol Labs,Juan Benet,gave a speech at the Web 3.0 Summit 2019,showing IPSE and other ecological applications.


September 2019

● Held the first IPSE City Meetup in Shenzhen,China.

The second IPSE City Meetup was held in Chengdu,China.

The founder and CEO of IPSE,Silver Xie,was interviewed by BTC123

● IPSE was invited to attend the 2019 Beijing Financial Technology ABCD Summit, and the founder and CEO of IPSE,Silver Xie,gave a speech.


October 2019

● Held the IPSE Hangzhou City Meetup.

● The IPSE team started the development of the application-specific blockchain with Substrate.

● IPSE appeared in the official Filecoin announcement.

● Molly Mackinlay, poject lead of Protocol Labs,demonstrates the robust IPFS ecology in official IPFS(Protoschool)Tokyo Meetup,IPSE is on the Apps list.

○ Also,the Filecoin Lotus testnet was launched.


November 2019

● IPSE launched on Dapp platform,SpiderStore.

● IPSE was invited to attend the 3rd China Shenzhen Blockchain and Distributed Storage Conference and Exhibition 2019, and the founder and CEO of IPSE,Silver Xie gave a speech

● IPSE launched on Godapp platform.

○ Also, the Polkadot Ecosystem Fund was launched.


December 2019

● IPSE was featured in Awesome IPFS on Github.

● IPSE was been listed on the official IPFS website as an IPFS-powered app.

○ And, Filecoin team lauched the Testnet, IPFS team officially released the latest roadmap for Filecoin network, and Polkadot team officially shared 2019 recapping article.


Thanks for reading!

Please visit https://ipse.io to search files on IPFS network.For more information about IPSE, please visit the official Blog https://blog.ipse.io, or if you need more information about the IPSE project,please visit https://ipfssearch.io

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